Darnell Prescott - Midfielder (RM)

Darnell Prescott
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5ft 6


2 years

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Meet Darnell Prescott

WNL Premier Division, with Llangollen Town and Cefn Albion
Getting promoted with Llangollen reserves, we had such a good team and spirit, we went into every game believing we could win, although we just fell short of the league title, promotion was a brilliant feeling
Losing 7-1 to Chirk AAA for Cefn Albion, massive derby game and we didn’t turn up
Kristian Jones, the lad had the ability to do anything, could finish from anywhere and bring other players into play with ease, he knew where to pass the ball before I even shouted his name
Derek Booth (Deggs) brought a lot of confidence to my game, never afraid to drop the “bigger” players, gave me my first shot at first team football
Probably Llangollen, got a lot of memories from playing there so long and the facilities they have there are second to none
Chirk, with playing for Llan and Cefn, it’s a derby game for both, there’s no better feeling than a derby game

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