Ardal Northern Leagues

Ardal Northern Leagues
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The Ardal Northern leagues are a company limited by guarantee. The company was formed in April 2020 with four directors, William Lloyd Williams OBE, Simon Newport, Kenneth Richardson and Chas Rowland

To organise and run the Divisions and the League Cup.
To comply with and prevent any infringement of the FIFA Rules, UEFA Rules and the FAW Rules and all decisions of FIFA, UEFA and the FAW as well as the Laws of the Game and ensure compliance with these by its directors and members and their subordinates.
Throughout the Divisions and the League Cup and any other competition under its control, to prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardise the integrity of football matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of association football under its authority.
To be neutral in matters of politics and religion and in discharging its functions, the Company will not discriminate against a private person, or group of people, or other entity, on account of ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics, age or any other reason and will ensure compliance with these obligations by its members in accordance with the Rules.
To promote friendly relations between its directors and its members and their subordinates in accordance with these Articles and the Rules and in society for humanitarian objectives.

Subject to the Articles, the directors are responsible for the management of the Company’s business in accordance with its objects, for which purpose they may exercise all the powers of the Company.
The directors shall act upon the Rules so far as the same are consistent with these Articles. If any conflict or ambiguity arises between these Articles and the Rules, these Articles shall prevail.