Football Envelopes 2017/18

Football Envelopes
Premier League Winner £275
Championship Winner £275
League One Winner £275
FA Cup Winner £125
League Cup Winner £125
This Saturday the much anticipated football envelopes competition is back but this time with a few minor tweaks. This time around we won’t be including league two which will mean that there will be less envelopes available so you need to be quick to reserve yours! Despite the decrease in envelopes the prize money will be unaffected so you will win the exact same amount as last season. Here’s how to get involved:
Each player that enters the competition will pick an envelope at random and then ensure that over the course of 35 weeks they pay a total of £35 pound for their envelope. We recommend that everyone who enters the competition pays £1 per week to keep on top of payments. Once you have chosen your envelope you hand it back and it will be opened on the football clubs annual end of season all-day event which is usually FA Cup final day (date TBC)
The competition will start in the legion (after the games) on 30th September 2017 and will end on 28th April 2017. This season your main points of contact and people you need to pay are Tom Owens, Haydn Evans, Dean Morris or Nick Jones.
Competition Rules
• All envelopes will be picked blind from the box
• All envelopes will need to be signed and dated and include contact details such as address and phone number of the person entering
• All envelopes with more than a month’s arrears will be contact using the information recorded
• Any envelopes that are not paid in full by Saturday 28th April will be given a further 7 days to pay. If payment is not received within these additional seven days then the envelope will be put up for auction
• All envelopes will be opened (after auction if required) at the clubs annual all day event.

This years entrants will be added in due course