Meet our Reserve Team Players

We have recently restructured the way our reserve team is being managed and encouraging a younger breed of players. Not only does this give the younger generation a good opportunity to make the step up from youth football into senior it also plans the future of the football club.

Note: Although we aim to keep this website up to date, some times the content that we deliver can be out dated e.g. players come and go

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We would like to thank the following people/businesses for their key sponsorship towards our reserve team for the current season. Regional Property Maintenance for sponsoring the home kit

Luke Hughes

Luke HughesGoal Keeper

Profile information for Luke Hughes is coming soon.

Jack Richards

Jack RichardsDefender

Sponsored by MS Joinery

Keenan Bathers

Keenan BathersDefender

Profile information for Keenan Bathers is coming soon.

Sam Williams

Sam WilliamsDefender

Sponsored by Big Guys Kitchen

Jay McKevitt-Harvey

Jay McKevitt-HarveyDefender

Profile information for Jay McKevitt-Harvey is coming soon.

Aaron Holman

Aaron HolmanDefender

Profile information for Aaron Holman is coming soon.

Luis Hughes

Luis HughesDefender

Profile information for Luis Hughes is coming soon.

Ellis Leighton

Ellis LeightonDefender

Sponsored by Sophia Bailey Aesthetics

Cole Edwards

Cole EdwardsDefender

Profile information for Cole Edwards is coming soon.

Jamie Foulkes

Jamie FoulkesDefender

Profile information for Jamie Foulkes is coming soon.

Josh Valentine

Josh ValentineDefender

Sponsored by DV Construction

Kos Jones

Kos JonesDefender

Profile information for Kos Jones is coming soon.

Wez Parry

Wez ParryMidfielder

Sponsored by Emily Jane Beauty

Kade Sheady

Kade SheadyMidfielder

Profile information for Kade Sheady is coming soon.

Cain Williams

Cain WilliamsMidfielder

Profile information for Cain Williams is coming soon.

Osian Morris

Osian MorrisStriker

Profile information for Osian Morris is coming soon.

Charlie Gorham

Charlie GorhamStriker

Sponsored by DGT Plastering

Chris Roberts

Chris RobertsStriker

Profile information for Chris Roberts is coming soon.

Sam Felgate

Sam FelgateStriker

Profile information for Sam Felgate is coming soon.

Morgan Hodgeson

Morgan HodgesonMidfielder

Profile information for Morgan Hodgeson is coming soon.

Nasser Farhat

Nasser FarhatMidfielder

Profile information for Nasser Farhat is coming soon.

Archi Roberts

Archi RobertsMidfielder

Profile information for Archi Roberts is coming soon.