2019/20 Player Sponsorship for £20

Posted by administrator on 27 July 2019
2019/20 Player Sponsorship for £20
As we prepare for the new 2019/20 season, we are looking to secure sponsorship for as many of our current players as possible. At just £20 per player it is a really cheap but an effective way to get you or your business name out there. Between our social media channels and website, we receive thousands of hits on a weekly basis with more and more users engaging with the football club on a regular basis. For those who become part of the Albion family we will add you to our website and when the player that you sponsor is being mentioned in any way you will be referenced.
For the players who have already put pen to paper we have already had an amazing response but we are hoping that more people can come and get involved and be a part of the football club.
To operate the very best we can the club relies on the hard work of our volunteers and also the very kind donations from the community and beyond. We want to assure those who donate towards the club that every penny is put towards those who represent us. We ensure that each player/management have good insurance, medical supplies and smart gear such as track suits, t shirts and training clothing.
This season our fantastic fund-raising trio of Tom Owens, Paul Vaughan and Kev Griff will be organising player sponsorship and they will be taking payment through the clubs official pay pal account below. If you have any issues can you please get in touch with the lads. paypal.me/cefnalbionfc
Let’s see if we can get every player sponsored this season! We filled 15 match ball sponsors in less than 24 hours! A big thank you for all your support (continued in most cases). Here is a list of players and we will add more as we confirm them in COMET. Don't be alarmed if you don't see yourself - things are in hand and you will be added when the FAW confirm you - All are submitted.
Aaron Holman - Vanity Fur (R)
Alex Williams - Kev Griff & Spud Roberts. Cefn Aerials (P)
Andrew Jones -
Andrew Watkin - Stephen Lloyd Jones (P)
Brad Keefe -
Cain Williams -
Callum Mannion - Stephen Osborne Wrexham Carpets (R)
Callum Taylor - Darren Taylor (R)
Danny Holland - Alan Davies 'Big A' (P)
Darnell Prescott - Cefn Mawr Driveways Tom & Kev (R)
Dion Gibbins - Nick Jones (R)
Evan Davies -
Gareth Hatton - ClipStat Analysis (P)
George Preston -
Jack Richards - Stephen Lewis (R)
Jack Edwards - Neil Valentine (P)
Jimmy Jones - Dean Jones (P)
Jay Bluck -
Jamie Foulkes - Wayne Hughes - Wash N Glow (P)
Jordan Jones - Lee Valentine (P) / Ryan Kershaw (R)
Josh Roberts - Cefn Carpets (R)
Josh Valentine - Jason Valentine & Linda Valentine (P)
Kai Morris - Oswestry Vapes Marcus Finchett (R)
Keenan Bathers - Lee Williams Rigsbe Quality Cleaners (R)
Kien Morris - Dean Morris (P)
Lewis Parry -
Lloyd Royce - Steve Williams & Vicky Williams (P)
Nathan Williams - Paul Vaughan (P) / Les Morris (R)
Nic Jones - Paul Conlan (P)
Oliver Davies -
Paul Griffiths - Haydn Evans (R) / Sonia Andrews
Ross Bottomley - Matts barber shop (P)
Thomas Miller - Tommy Evans A1 Spotless Cleaning Services (R)
Torne Samuels - Domain barbershop (R) / Excel Window Cleaning (P) Spencer Samuels & Rio Clare Jones
Tyler Wilkinson - Sian Roberts Dance Zone
Wesley Parry - LADS N DADS barber's Donna Parry
Note: Lots of people have already been in touch and reserved (R)/paid(P) players. We will get all sponsors added as soon as we hear from you! Please dont forget that more than one person can sponsor a player