A pint on the sheriff

Posted by administrator on 17 July 2021
A pint on the sheriff
On Monday we announced that avid Cefn Albion supporter Jeff Smith aka 'the sheriff' had very sadly passed away. Since we have been contacted by his lovely family who informed us that during his illness Jeff had written a letter with a few things that he wanted them to do once he had passed. On that list, Jeff wrote
"I would like to buy all the Cefn Albion first and reserve team players and management a beer"
Jeff's family have honoured that wish and his niece Sharon Evans will be arranging the payment with the Cefn Mawr Community Social Club to ensure everyone receives a cold beer.
Jeff, you were a fantastic supporter and this lovely gesture goes to show the type of person you were and what our football club meant to you! This very kind gesture goes to show what our community football means to the people we represent! We are sorry we didn't get to observe a minutes silence for you during R1 of the Welsh Trophy today but we promise that you will be remembered in our first competitive game.
The management from both teams will organise the drinks with the CMCSC to ensure it's all done in an orderly fashion. Please can we ask all those who receive a cold beer from Jeff to post a picture of themselves in the comments and a message of thanks? It will be fantastic to see and I'm sure Jeff will be looking down raising a glass back to you!
The picture below is Jeff enjoying a beer in the Bangor City clubhouse despite our loss in the Welsh Cup R2 played on 10th November 2018.
A huge thank you to Jeff's family and thank you to the man himself. Rest in peace Sheriff!
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