Cub Statement 15/07/19

Posted by administrator on 15 July 2019
Cub Statement 15/07/19

Following on from the official club statement released by CAFC on 12/7/19 the following statement has today (15/07/19) been released by the Football Association of Wales:…/statement-disciplinary-hearing-stm…/

It confirms that all charges relating to racism were found not proven.

We would like to reiterate that

"as a club, we have tried to act in a dignified and professional manner throughout this process, fully cooperating with the FAW and refusing to react when many others were having their say, without a full understanding of all the facts and available evidence. We would like to think some of those who chose to voice opinions about these allegations before the they had been proven might now take the opportunity to reflect on some of the comments made and their impact on our community and football club."

➡️ Official Cefn Albion Statement:…/club-statement-120719