Sophia Football Bingo Competition Update

Posted by administrator on 18 October 2020
Sophia Football Bingo Competition Update
Since Nick Jones and Cefn Albion FC kicked off the football bingo competition, for now, 5-year-old Sophia Morris on the 5th of October we have had a fantastic response. In addition to the many people that have been entering the competition at £10 we have received some fantastic donations that will be added to Sophia’s pot. Every penny we raise is going towards Sophia who was cleared of cancer in late August 2020.
In addition to the £100 kindly donated by the Williams family (Kerry Williams Shane Williams) and the £50 donation from Grassroots reporter Dave Jones, we have since received another £100 from John Biggs and Katie Lois Evans of Blushh Hair Beauty Salon and a further £100 off someone who asked not to be mentioned. Absolutely fantastic support from all these individuals and your contributions will be well received by our football club and of course Sophia and her family who did not expect any of this!
We recently announced that our amazing fundraiser Jamie Foulkes raised £290 for the fund after conducting a lotto raffle which was announced, money collected, and drawn all within days. The good news regarding this raffle didn’t stop there, eventual winner Tony Jones very generously donated £140 from his winnings back into Sophia fund with the remainder being donated to Breast Cancer UK. Amazing kindness and work from both individuals involved.
The good news and kindness keep coming in and we understand that Sophia’s uncle Joe Morris who represents our near neighbours Llangollen Town Football Club, has sold well over 20 sheets to the members of the football club. We would like to send a big thank you to all the Llangollen Town Players, management, committee, and supporters who have got behind this competition. It goes without saying a big thank you to Joe. Fantastic effort!
Lastly by no means least, we would like to thank ex Cefn Druids Chairman John Hughes who contacted the club and donated £20 towards Sophia! We really appreciate your kindness John.
We have over 150 sheets in circulation and we are urging those who have them and are defiantly entering into the competition to get them in to us ASAP. This will help us organise the competition in good time before the start on Saturday. They need to be in no later than Friday but we are urging for a big push early this week.
The more sheets we sell, the more money we can contribute to little Sophia. Come on let's have one last huge push. Do it for Sophia!!
Thank you to everyone who has selling sheets!!
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